Gas formation volume factor

Gas formation volume factor, Calculation of hydrocarbon-in-place in gas and gas- requiring estimation of hydrocarbon-in-place volumes and formation volume factors for all the oil.

The oil formation volume factor (fvf) relates the volume of oil at stock-tank conditions to the volume of oil at elevated pressure and temperature in the reservoir. Oil formation volume factor after the gas phase forms below the bubble point, a further drop in pressure will result in (1) more hydrocarbons entering the gas phase. Gas volume at reservoir conditions divided by gas volume at standard conditions this factor is used to convert surface measured volumes to reservoir conditions, just. Formation volume factor the formation volume factor of gas is defined as the ratio of the volume of gas at the reservoir temperature and pressure to the volume at. Reservoir engineering from aapg wiki jump to: navigation, search b g = formation volume factor gas, and r s = gas saturated under bubble point.

Chapter 3 reserve estimation = initial formation volume factor,rb/stb h i gasdisplacement process recovery factor. Bg - gas formation volume factor, [rcf/scf] toggle navigation petroleum office download pricing contact browse functions spreadsheets function description 1. Hydrocarbon in place and reserves: bg = gas formation volume factor (fractional) bo = oil formation volume factor (fractional.

Gas formation volume factor the factor used to relate reservoir gas volumes to standard conditions is termed the gas formation volume factor, b g. New correlation for oil formation volume factor at and is defined as the ratio of the volume of oil (plus the gas in new correlation for oil formation volume. Gas formation volume factor in this spreadsheet, just type in the required information and press the compute button scroll down for more info.

Use our online gas formation volume factor calculator (bg fvf calculator) online for free bg, gas formation volume factor (fvf) is a useful relationship. Methane gas volume expansion ratios and ideal gas deviation factors for the volume ratios presented here it is the reciprocal of the formation-volume factor.

Oil formation volume factor definition - oil formation volume factor (fvf) is the volume of dissolved gas and crude oil at reservoir pressure and. Pete 310 lecture # 15 formation volume factor of oil b o total formation volume factor of oil b t solution gas oil ratio r s. Compositional gas properties estimates gas z factor, viscosity, and volume factor for given gas calculates gas formation volume factor in bbl/mmcf using.

Gas formation volume factor
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